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Series Format

JBird Players Series 2018

Players Guide

1) Players must play in five (5) events & the Finals to be eligible for overall awards.

2) Points awarded for place taken, Exp: 1 point for 1st, 6 points for 6th. Low score wins. You may drop points if you play in more than 6 events. Regardless if won in a needed series code. Overall determined by 6 event scores + finals.

3) Players moving from a different division will be points x2. Players forced to move to another division by PDGA ratings will not be forced to the x2 rule. Players forced to move will carry their points up to the next division if only 2 tournaments are played. If 3 or more are played then player may remain in that division’s overall. The score at each other event will be inserted into that divisions placement then given those points for the series.

4) You must play in the Finals to be eligible for overall prizes.

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